F O R W A R D TouchPoint 2015-10-11 16:00 CDT


Jacob Young 4:02 PM
i can’t get my mic to read with google groups

Jacob Young 4:04 PM
Lots of echoing, please mute your mic when you aren’t talking 🙂
Francis Adesina left group chat.

Jacob Young 4:05 PM
I like the re writes

Nathan Hartley 4:34 PM

Francis Adesina 4:38 PM
I need to leave soon

me 4:39 PM
Okay. Thank you for coming so much!! I want to contact you after to discuss a role with you. Will yoube available Francis?

Francis Adesina 4:40 PM
Tomorrow afternoon will be good.

me 4:47 PM

Nathan Hartley 4:55 PM
I am supposed to meet up with my friend to shoot that stuff you wanted



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