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Forward The Dreamscape by Serenity Alyanna Edward 2015-08-13 – F O R W A R D Legacy: DreamSpace


[mp3t track=”ForwardDreamscapeSerenityAlyannaEdward-20150813.mp3″]

20141016_130814_1The Dreamscape by Serenity Alyanna Edward (audio only)
This was the first night my wife Serenity Alyanna Edward came up with the idea. This recording was made a few minutes of her waking up from the dream(space) and wanted to get a recording of it before she forgot it. At first, the title was going to be DreamScape, changed to DreamSpace, and now Forward. Serenity is speaking from the protagonists point-of-view.
WP 20150813 001

Recorded on Thursday night, August 13, 2016 at 22:07 CDT (201608132207).

Speaking of dream, listen to this one on YouTube. The idea is now called 8 BUCKS, original title was FORWARD.

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