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F O R W A R D TouchPoint 2015-10-18 16:00 CDT

YouTube NOTES: Please go to Google Groups to get the links to the Shooting Schedule and Availability Schedule. The shooting schedule does not have anything on it now, but will be once we have the locations locked down. HomeAway have homes that we are definitely interested in for locations. Jina … Look Forward…

F O R W A R D TouchPoint 2015-10-11 16:00 CDT

YouTube Jacob Young 4:02 PM i can’t get my mic to read with google groups Jacob Young 4:04 PM Lots of echoing, please mute your mic when you aren’t talking 🙂 Francis Adesina left group chat. Jacob Young 4:05 PM I like the re writes Nathan Hartley 4:34 PM COngratulation … Look Forward…

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