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Meet with Antonio Edward, Brian Arceneaux, and Donald Vincent (Skype for Business) 2015-12-28 16:30 CST


Meet with Antonio Edward, Brian Arceneaux, and Donald Vincent
“WIRELESS CALLER, Antonio Edward Monday, December 28, 2015 16 35 28” on Skype for Business

From left to right of photos:
Terrance R Spencer – SciFi Specialist
Donald Vincent – SciFi Specialist
Antonio Edward – CEO and Executive Producer
Daniel Burge – Graphic Artists
Brian Arceneaux – Lead Make up and Hair
Melvin Carl McKinney Jr – SciFi Specialist
Steven D Edstrom – SciFi Specialist
Danyelle Weatherford – Producer
Serenity Edward – Producer, Show Runner, Director (not seen)

About Evolve.Forward

F O R W A R D is a sci-fi drama that explores human evolution as a physiological inevitability. Both guided and thwarted by two warring alien races, as well as by a government intent on stopping the evolution, a group of humans fight to lead humanity towards the future of the possible. F O R W A R D is the evolution of the human species exploring a convergence of science, spirit and the CIA. Only a few chosen ones will be able to evolve. It is about how we are in our current life and how the future should be. Delia, our protagonist, is going to lead the Forwards. Yoruba mythology and character development is important in the story of F O R W A R D. Oh yes, there are aliens.
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