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F O R W A R D Legacy: DreamSpace – A sub-site of F O R W A R D. Warning: Spoiler Alerts. dreamspace.vision

About DreamSpace.Vision Website

This web site is now archived. Please check out the official F O R W A R D website.

About the F O R W A R D Web Series. Also see F O R W A R D About Page DreamSpace.Vision: The development of Forward web series. (this site, Forward's companion sub-site) --SPOILER ALERT-- https://www.dreamspace.vision/ F O R W A R D: Official site of the Forward web series. (the other site, Forward's official main site) https://www.evolveforward.net/ Evolve.Forward.Media, Inc.: Production company behind Forward. Shiz, Inc.: Parent company to E.F.M, Inc., a multi-media company. Subscribe to our podcasts on your favorite podcast aggregator, like iTunes. Podcast Info efmback


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Story Overview

Specific humans were created with a unique coding within their DNA, planned and implanted by an alien race, known as the Eternal's, that has watched over and aided the human species since the dawn of time. The information held within the code provides instructions that allow these humans to lead the species towards evolution and a higher plane of existence. The aliens designed the code to lay dormant until humanity was at the point of its existence where they were physically able to survive the evolution process.

The humans, unaware of their condition, begin to experience physical symptoms meant to bring raise their awareness and ability to evolve. As people worldwide begin to manifest these symptoms, the government begins to fear that there is a massive epidemic of unknown origin in the beginning stages and wish to stop it somehow.

Several government agencies at the forefront of this investigation are the CDC, who wish to study the phenomenon in-depth, the CIA who want to understand if this is a threat to national security and how to stop it, and the FBI, who have been charged with finding those who have the illness and bringing them to detention facilities to quarantine the individuals affected.

A group of hacktivists become involved in finding out as much as they can about the phenomenon, and begin using the information to assist members of their communities affected by the situation. Their involvement pulls in the NSA, who see their cyber-activities as a possible threat against national security.

Unknown to everyone, top government officials and key members of the investigation are actually being controlled by members of another alien race, known as the Forgotten, who have been at eternal war with The Eternals. Their mission is to not only oversee the failure of the evolution of humanity, but to destroy the species if possibility. The Forgotten believe that humanity is a lesser species, good for only enslavement or termination. It’s through The unique ability of the Forgotten to use techniques of mind control and mental coercion on humans that they are able to achieve their ends to a great degree.

A specific group among the evolving humans are able to exist on another plane of reality, known as DreamSpace temporarily during sleep. It is here that they meet one another, learn the reason behind the changes in their lives and understand the larger implications of those changes. It is here that they also learn of the plot against those who will evolve.

With the assistance and guidance of the Eternal's, the group, who have come to know themselves as the Forwards, craft their resistance movement and start the fight for the survival and evolution of the species.

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